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and shakers of the united states of america. that is why i am here. that is why i am doing this luncheon. i feel like -- the gratitude is out of this world right now for having me do this. it really quick, i want to thank everybody for this honor. i want to thank you for inviting me to speak. the recorders of the industry and all of the change agents, you, the press, has a very special responsibility, and that is to be a mirror for us to see ourselves, our community, our country, and the rest of the world, and a truly respect the rule that you play in our system. i am sure that many of you are asking why would i want to speak at the national press club in washington, d.c., and why would they invite me? i make my living by stringing together verses or playing a part in some movie or television series that you may all have seen, "law and order," by the way. what would ludacris have to say? what would i have to say about leadership? i am going to say a lot of different things, so take what i say a word for word. you wonder if i plan to run for office, maybe for president in 2012. you do not ha
. . every industrialized country has that system except the united states. we are going to change that. national polls show that the majority of doctors and the majority of americans favor a single payer system. that is why six months ago, we went to capitol hill. when senator baucus opened that first day of hearing in may, i stood up and said, excuse me, sir, why have you taken single payer off the table? why have you not allowed one doctor testify for single payer? baucus ordered us arrested. one by one, margaret, kevin, carol, and four others stood up and confronted baucus. and one by one we were all arrested and charged with disruption of congress. in a plea deal earlier this year, we agreed not to disrupt congress throughout the end of this year. since that day in may, baucus and harry reid in the senate, and nancy pelosi and steny hoyer in the house have cobbled together incomprehensible legislation. it is convoluted and confusing. but one thing is clear -- president obama and the democrats have cut a dirty deal with the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. obama took
service is enshrined in the constitution of the united states. we have a law that says the postal service should produce universal service. we have to maintain a basic service. host: joseph, independent caller. caller: one of the previous callers mentioned at the topic -- the vending machines. i look forward to going to the post office now with dread. one local post office has a giant hole in the wall covered with plywood where the vending machines used to be. when i asked one of the minister why they were gone. she said it was cost control. there's no way it can be more efficient to have all those people waiting in line. it makes no sense to me. there's something seriously wrong with the reasoning behind this kind of decision. i have seen it across the board. they're using space in the post offices for selling packages that have teddy bears and balloons on them. they should be sticking to basics, common-sense service. if i can avoid going to the post office, i will do it. they might as well -- it is just a nightmare. it is a baffling ordeal. guest: i am sorry to your use say that. you ar
security interest of the united states. it is urgently needed. the president knows achieving this goal will be difficult, but he also has said that he will not waver in his persistent pursuit of a comprehensive peace in the middle east. for that reason, he has dedicated himself and his administration to the resumption of israeli-palestinian negotiations and the creation of an atmosphere that maximizes the prospects for success. . >> that is why we have been urged the palestinians to expand and improve their security effort, and to take strong and meaningful action. it is what we have an urged the arab states to take steps of normalization with israel. it is what we have urged israel to stop settlement activity. as i said earlier, while they fall short of a full freeze, we believe the steps announced by the prime minister are significant and could have substantial impact on the ground. for the first time ever the israeli government will stop housing approvals and on the construction of housing units. and related infrastructure in west bank settlements. that is positive development. he s
of the united states to take a look at your antitrust exemption. york $8 billion organization has not taken seriously responsibility to the players. a fact of the matter is, if yes, people want to play. they are going to be injured and we know that no matter what kind of helmet you build, no matter what kind of equipment that you have, it is a dangerous sport. people are going to be injured. the only question is, what you going to do -- are you going to pay the injured player and their family for the injuries that they have received and how can you be a multi-billion operation? se profits, but i think the responsibility of this congress is to take a look at that anti--trust exemption that you have. in my estimation, take it away. i yield back the balance of my time. >> i thank the gentlewoman for her modest suggestions. [laughter] the chair recognizes howard from north carolina. >> thank you, mr. chairman. what does the alumni association have to say to active pro, college and high school players about the importance of early and completely presenting to team physicians any sims that may ha
will also talk about the growth of islamic radicalism within the united states. all those topics and your calls, starting tomorrow at 7:00. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] . >> here is what is ahead. next, a look at the history of the atomic bomb. then a panel discussion on global security after the fall of the berlin wall. later, a review of the 2008 elections. saturday, a look back at the cuban missile crisis with former kennedy advisers ted sorensen and karaoke secret have war threats been over hyped in the post cold-war world? a university of virginia panel on how the political process has been affected by the internet. and facebook founder chris hughes on how social networking is changing the political process. this holiday weekend on c-span. >> on this vote, the yeahs are 60, the nays are 39. the motion is agreed to. >> with that vote, the senate moves the health care bill to the floor. starting monday and through december, follow the entire debate, and how the bill would affect access to medical care,
is the optimal solution to provide necessary medical treatment to everyone and the united states in a way that controls health care costs. pnhp doesn't, however, take a position on how congress members should vote on the legislation that is currently proceeding for congress. we do provide information to members about whether the legislation is likely to be ctive, and how icompes to a national single payer health care system. we joined the many health care reform advocates across the nation who are disappointed by the health insurance reform legislation that is passing through congress. we, like you, are seriously concerned by the health care environment in the united states. we are saddened by the number of people, our patience, family and friends who are donner and because they cannot receive or for access to health care. we are saddened by the number of people facing bankruptcy or foreclosure of their homes and those who are suffering needlessly because they cannot afford or have access to medical treatment. the anticipated a health care debate this year that would focus on the trees st
of the united states. interestingly, in the case from 1960, the case of private bennett, the last person to be executed, president eisenhower had approved his sentence and approved the execution in the late 1950's. by the time inauguration day came around in 1961, bennett was still alive. the question was presented a second time, this time to president kennedy, as to whether the execution should go forward. president kennedy obviously did not stop it. >> recently, since that execution, the five folks that have been on death row, there has only been one that was approved. that was in 2008 by president bush. that is the great case. -- that is the gray case. it is going through the civil habeas review. that is the one that is farthest along the line. >> [unintelligible] >> one of the issues that you see is that several of these cases have been appealed. in the process, they have been appealed and overturned. one sentence was recently committed. he had a death sentence and then he was sentenced to life without parole. there are several capital cases. five have gone to the appellate process a
you. >> it is and gentlemen, welcome to the chamber of commerce of the united states of america. my name is ron summers of the u.s.-india business council. for 34 years we have strived to advance u.s.-india commercial ties. today, what a historic event we have before us. more than ever, the business communities of both our countries are needed to provide an impetus to this important relationship. ladies and gentleman, please stand with me and help me welcome the individuals who are making this possible -- tom donahue, into a newly, ambassador chancre, and the hon. prime minister of india, dr. manmohan singh. [applause] >> thank you very much. good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. prime minister singh, ambassadors, distinguished guests, welcome to the united states chamber of commerce. mr. prime minister, we are delighted to be hosting you and your delegation today. we are certain you will have a productive visit to the united states. you are among friends. joining us today are some of the foremost business leaders in america and india. we extend a special welcome to the chair of the
, and because the united states started the battle in muslim countries. has sn accused of shooting and killing 13 people at ft. hood. s he is still in the hospital. >>> and president obama is in china. china financed massive sums of u.s. debt. part of the president's talks may include assurances those investments are safe. the president held a town hall meeting with college students in shanghai where he push for greater freedoming in china. >> we do not seek to impose any system of government on any other nation, but we also don't believe that the principles that we stand for are unique to our nation. these freedoms are expression and worship, are access to information and political participation, we believe, are universal rights and should be available to all people, including ethnic and religious minorities, whether they are in the united states, china or any nation. >> president obama will also visit china's great wall today. >>> and the obama administration says people trying to politicize the president's vow to japan's emperor and every pris are way, way off base. president obama greeted
. those are things that are are unpopular. and he's a president of the united states being told by the military, mr. president, we can't defend those outposts and we need more people to do a countersurge insurgency. and i guess it these are correct and they puts 43,000 troops in, imagine the progressiveness, with the troops, if you don't advance health care. i think he'll find 10,000 and train the army because he's politically unsustainable with his base, if he puts in 43,000 troops and prosecutes afghanistan during a water with afghanistan as president, i think he'll have a democrat primary and that we'll have a substantial split mountain democrat party, if that's what he does. and i would argue this -- for our party, and the tensions between our kind of economic votes and our religious conservatives, the fact that the energy in republican party is about spending and deficit, if we're so inept we can't take these people and make them part of a new coalition, they we oughting to nothinged. the -- this are 24% of the people in this country who say they would likely vote for a thi
% below 2005 levels as the target. host:: ñ were other countries waiting to hear from the united states? guest: absolutely, turn it came out the day after. they had been clearly waiting. -- china came out the day after. they had been clearly waiting. host: what are the5 sticking points in the negotiation? guest: there are two things. what is the target that was set last week. the other is the financing. there was an agreement with developing companies that would take actions in return for financing from the wealthier nations. we have taken care of the target. we have stepped up with the target and now we need to step up on the financing side. host: it was stated last week, president obama has set goals to reduce emissions and you were quoted as saying that the president is walking a nice edge. can you expand on that? guest: he is in a very narrow space. on the one hand, he had to take a stand that would encourage india and china that we would, in fact, take a stand. and he also led to do it in a way that would not hurt his chances with congress. for 12 years, congress has been asking fo
that it does, sir. >> the chief of staff for the united states army says so. >> our orders are to hold his breath. -- is to hold this bridge. if we let the germans take it, we will lose our football. >> if you're up it wants to stay that is one thing. >> i cannot leave until reinforcements come. >> you have three minutes to gather your gear. >> what about them? there's barely enough -- >> two of our guys already died trying to find you. >> server. >> that's right. >> what were their names? >> wade and copazzo. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> one man screamed at me. i gave him my canteen and in one drink, he drained dry. as the prisoners chimeras, they were pulled back by the others because they did not trust us. this man that i gave my canteen to, several minutes later, cracked his stomach and doubled up and began to retch and all that came out were trickles of water. he had nothing in him to come out. at that point, i heard several of them say in whatever language they were speaking but i recognize the word poison. i am sure they thought i had poisoned of them. i kept saying -- i don't t
? >> i think there is a list, a long list, of countries over a period of time that the united states and the president will host as visitors and guest here, but i think what came about with this one, this is 810-year relationship -- 810-year relationship. over 10 years, there has really been an important partnership in reaching out on the part of president clinton, on the part of president bush, to really solidified this important strategic relationship. there is so much -- this is the largest democracy in the world, india is. we are the second-largest democracy. there is an important relationship that needs to be nurtured and continue. the national security advisers of the president -- have said that he should which it will recommend others that he should host. and ultimately, that will be his decision. >> we heard earlier that this is the first lady's show. when does the first lady's office began preparing for a state dinner? >> this dinner, likely, or this visit started right at the time that secretary clinton hand- deliver the invitation from president obama to prime minister sin
. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama, accompanied by his ex lensy, the prime minister of the mrs. kahr. [hail to the chief playing] applause applause >> please be seated. good evening, everyone. on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. afga bahboute. many of you were here when i was honored to become the first president to help celebrate devali, the festival of lights. [applause] >> some of you were here for the first white house celebration of the birth of the founder of sikhism. [applause] tonight we gather again for the first state dinner of my presidency with prime minister manmohan singh and mrs. gorshon kahr as we celebrate the growing partnership between the united states and india. as we all know in india some of life's most treasured moments are often celebrated under the cover of a beautiful tent. it's a little like tonight. we have beautiful food, music and are surrounded boy great friends. but it's been said that most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us and the feeling of duty withi
in the united states. there is the platform the presidential seal will be placed their shortly. the fbi and army and texas rangers continue to gather information on the attack. nidal malik hasan allegedly opened fire with two handgunsri deployment overseas. how will victims are honored today? >> reporter: we'll hear a roll call for victims and president barack obama in his remarks today will honor each victim individually and other speakers today include lieutenant general cone and also general george casey. they'll be speaking. part of this memorial service today if we look inside you can see where the stage is set up. there's a large american flag draped in front of the building. people had been coming in. security is very tight, chuck. they have erected these storage containers around the perimeter of the field so that they can check every person coming in and they describe the security as like when you go through an airport screener. that certainly is at a premium right now even though this is a military installation because the president is here and other top officials are here. they want t
're covering, mike, that a lot of the cases throughout the united states. i really do believe that something has to be done at the legislative process that mandates the judges to do something, tying their hands and having to give these people real sentences, because this goes on -- when it goes on for two decades like this and little children continue to become victimized like this in such horrific ways, something has to be done. >> exactly. michelle, do we know -- a lady like this, who, again, we don't know what happened to the 3-year-old, vanished. >> right. >> she was convicted of assault and battery with intent to kill a 6-year-old. was shimon torrid after that, after her 80-day sentence? >> that's one of the questions that i have right now and i'm waiting for investigators to call me back on, the ones in had south carolina, that is. the ones in florida i'm in touch with a lot but i think they're piecing it together. i know there is an investigator who drove down from south carolina and arrived in florida not too long ago to be able to sit down with those investigators and put their note
since barack obama became the 44th president of the united states. he was inaugurated in january. it's our your views question. richelle carey telling us how you've been weighing in and how the president is doing and what races yesterday might tend to say about that. >> with all those races you were just talking about and with the anniversary of barack obama's election to be president, we couldn't ignore the fact that people want to talk politics. some people want to connect dots why some people say there is no connection or some people say there is a connection between what happened yesterday and how they think president barack obama is doing. we put the question out for your topic. president obama did campaign in new jersey. some people say you can't act like there's not a connection. it's so very clear. so we're kind of making this open ended. we want to know how do you think president obama is doing. do you think that your situation personally is better or worse since he's taken office? do you think he's made promises he hasn't kept? do you think there's a connection between what
accused of these type of crimes deserves a trial like you or i might. >> caller: this is the united states. we was afraid one time and 9/11 happened. there's no reason -- yes, there is reasons out there for concern but this is the united states. the world is looking at us for examples. we got troops overseas giving their lives. just like the president said. give us the opportunity to exact our justice on these people. >> john, thank you for your phone call. i appreciate it. got an e-mail from kathy in michigan. this is what they said. that's a good discussion back and forth there. heidi says -- great discussion going on. we want to continue to talk about this. what do you think about the 9/11 suspects being tried in new york specifically in civilian courts? do you think this is the right path or not the right thing to do? e-mail us at you can also pick up the phone and call and chat like we did there. you can text us at hlntv. >>> the fbi says a mom came up with a desperate solution to money problems. >>> check this out. a mansion up in flames outside of phoenix. the fire brok
in the united states without insurance. >> it's different economy. different cost structure. it does not in any way affect the standards of quality. >> there can be risks when seeking care abroad so says emery university's dr. john sweeney. >> the issue is follow-up and continuity of care that is going to be difficult to achieve. >> it's important to research the types of certifications both the hospital and the surgeon hold. patients should be prepared to pay out of pocket for complications that may arise when they return home. sweeney does note just because a hospital is outside u.s. borders doesn't mean it's bad. >> we tend to be very close minded and not realized that there's countries outside of the united states that do this as well as we do or better. >> as for sharon, she says all of the travel has been worth the cost savings. >> i work in a hospital institution. this is very well run. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. >>> back to our breaking story. a shooting at a high-rise office building in downtown orlando along i-4. eight people have been shot. we just learned that two people are dead. the
that there were ethnic groups in the united states who were in favor -- fell in the central european country in asia. domestic policy and domestic politics and preferences have an impact. one thing that is striking in my mind is the change from a small group that cares passionately about the issue. boston is the -- bosnia is the classic case. there were almost 10 congressmen and some people in the world who were very interested in an aggressive policy for bosnia. as soon as we had an aggressive policy, you realized there were a lot of people with good or bad reasons opposed to it and there was the classic day when the republican-controlled house of representatives during the coast of the war boded against a greater effort -- against the -- during the kosovo war and voted against a greater effort. >> we have about two more minutes. >> i defer to pull up on the question about promises broken. i was asked to go back and read memos. i essentially agree where philip came out. there's a danger here for the current administration to swallow this revisionist history that vladimir putin has conjured
units. units. we send a lot of this work to the states. host: boston, linda, democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. in my situation, i had to go on medical disability. i had worked all my life. i ended up having to get a lawyer because i was miss used three times, which i could not afford. and they took money for the lawyer. it took two years to get it done. done. i was only awarded one year . a husband was in and out of . . the economy has risen. i have a plan d prescription plan. i'm a diabetic title oype one. i want to know -- when you have these conversations, which are related, how do i get through to a real person? who can help me? guest: i am probably not able to answer your question. i do not have enough information about your particular circumstance. it sounds like you're doing the right thing. you have worked through the system. i would suggest you talk to one of the lawyers that is working with you. host: james tweets in -- guest: there are a number of proposals out there. it's hard to talk about a specific bill. and number of the issues that we believe would be he
is veterans day here in the united states. there you see angela merkle, the chancellor of germany in that picture. >>> a u.s. pilot yanked off a flight minutes before taking off because a co-worker thought he was drunk. irving lamont washington was set to fly a united jet from london to chicago on monday. british police arrested him when he flunked a breathalyzer test, though. washington is now grounded. there have been several incidents for the airlines industry recently. this morning on our sister network a former ntsb official said flyers should be concerned. >> the whole structure of flying has changed. the airline had industry has been in a profound downturn for a number of years and not getting any better. pilots, they -- flight crews are the key component. they're being worked harder. they're being paid less. they're under more stress. and i think there is an issue. and i think you're going to see the ntsb and the faa looking at the whole issue of pilot fatigue, pilot work rules. how do we optimize people's attention in these cockpits? i think that's going to come up in the
. north korea's nuclear program a big concern for the united states and other allied asian powers. a big priority is getting north korea back to the negotiating table in those six-way talks before leaving china. the president took a little stroll. not an easy stroll, on the great wall. climbed part of it and called the wall absolutely spectacular. >>> right now live, attorney general eric holder testifying before the senate judiciary committee. he's going to be asked tough questions. he's going to be talking about his decision to put the professed september 11th mastermind and four our suspects on trial in new york city. critics have said the move will give khaled sheikh mohammed a stake and saying they can control unruly defendants. were we'll listen to that and get you highlights. stay with us in the next hour. holiday travel already more expensive, if you've been watching because the surcharges. the airline have added those on during the busiest days. the surcharges aren't going anywhere, even after the holidays end. jennifer westhoven is looking out for you and i know is a little fru
allies that have lent billions to the united states that the u.s. is still strong and the dollar still solid. concerns of regional and international security including north korea will be discussed. his plans for afghanistan will no doubt be in the mix. plus, meeting several newly elected leaders in asia for the very first time. we're following his trip when he does take off. >>> then the economy, of course, will be an important part of the president's trip. just a few moments ago, he spoke about this morning's jobs reports. >> the economic growth that we've seen has not yet led to the job growth that we desperately need. as i've said from the start of this crisis, hiring often takes time to catch up to economic growth. given the magnitude of the economic turmoil that we've experienced, employers are reluctant to hire. >> jen westhoven will have more on the jobs numbers in a minute. >>> heavy rain from what's left of prop cal storm ida is now battering the mid-atlantic. virginia's governor declared a state of emergency. there are coastal flood warnings in some of those areas there. the
, they would do it, regardless of if they're in guantanamo or right here in the united states. if they want to do something, they're going to do it anyway. >> herb, thank you for your phone call. got a lot of comments already on this topic on my facebook page. we read your comments. my producer is reading your comments right now. here's some that we have for you. dan wrote this, sure, why not? meaning trying them in new york city. he says having them looking into -- have them looking into the eyes of the people they were potentially trying to kill, i think it is as good a place as any to do it. nina says, no, leave they are where they are. if you bring them to the united states, do you honestly think they will not do another attack on us just to set them free? so she has some safety concerns other people were talking about on the page as well. chris writes this: i look at this differently. as long as these terrorists are locked up, who cares if it's gitmo or new york? i say it's a good thing to have them close so we can keep an eye on them. so keep talking about this. do you think trying th
. there was a custody agreement that was agreed to in the united states that my ex-wife ignored and broke federal and state laws in order to ignore. and i think we have to come back to that stance first. and say, okay, this -- the jurisdiction can't be moved by an individual to japan or to whatever country just because they like it. >> savoie was released from jail last month. no word when he will be able to see his children. >>> the jury begins to consider whether the death penalty should be given to a man who killed anne pressly to death. he shouted. >> it is a corrupt system. >> today was justice for anne. i know nobody is more grateful than the parents and all of anne's friends. >> the jury's sentencing options death or life without parole. if they can't decide the judge imposes a life sentence. >>> somebody walked into a convenience store and stole money donated for a 10-year-old boy with a brace disorder. >> i was absolutely sick. it made me sick. i couldn't believe that somebody could do that and, i mean, how do you sleep at night? how do you live your life. the woman collecting donations
china and the united states. and that's high we have growed to certain new initiatives in this area. we are creating a joint energy efficiency and renewable energy, cleaner uses of coal. electric vehicles an shale gas. >> china's crackdown on tibet and other issues have been a thorn in the united states -- >>> a storm with winds of 95 miles an hour and sustained winds of 55 miles an hour and higher are expected before the storm is over. these winds that have battered western washington state have eased up a little bit and floodwaters are easing up a little bit. the bad news by the way is the stormy weather may not be -- new guidance for you this morning that says women in their 40s do not need routine mammograms. that comes from a government task force of doctors and scientists. it contradicts the american cancer society's recommendation of annual mammograms starting at the age of 40. but the task force warns frequent screenings can cause false alarms by breast cancer. some women worry the new guidelines could influence how insurance covers mammograms and dr. sanjay gupta tez that's a v
been proposed by united states congress aren't resonating with the virginia voter. >> here's the thing, the president spent $70 million in virginia last year. unprecedented. we'll spend maybe $20 million. you know, we're trying to build on what he did as much as possible. >> that's the story in virginia. let's go to new jersey. jon corzine is in a tight race with republican chris christi. but a moderate third-party candidate could split the gop vote and give corzine a second term. >>> how about this story out of ohio? police say it could be weeks before they identify those six women found dead inside this cleveland home. the coroner collecting dental records now for several missing women, including nancy cobbs who lived in that very neighborhood. he is also asking relatives to provide dna samples. one missing persons advocate say the deaths could have been prevented. >> nancy cobbs walked to the store. walked to the store on 116th and hasn't been seen since. six families are going to get horrible news. but if we had an a. missing persons department or active, ongoing investigation on t
became the 44th president of the united states. richelle carey is here to tell us how can you weigh in on how the president is doing. he had the successful election one year ago today. >> people get yearly check ups you could kind of equate it to that and everybody has an opinion when it comes to their local politicians and their president. is there really a connection is kind of where we're going with this. how do you think the president is doing a year after barack obama became president? let's think about this. do you think things have gotten worse where you live? have they gotten better? in there are, a couple of state elections everyone was focused on, virginia, new jersey, they went republican, but those are states that were really critical to barack obama becoming president. again, republican governors, what do you think that says about the job president barack obama is doing, or do you think there's no connection at all? people really pay attention to politics. we really want to know, do you think there's any connection between the two a year later? this is really a broad-en
priest visiting the united states limited english capability was lost. he followed jason bruce in a garage and asked for directions. they accuse bruce of beating the priest with a tire iron and calling him a terrorist. >> it's sad. this is a soft-spoken person whose life is dedicated to serving god and the church and he got lost and asked for directions and someone assaulted him. >> bruce's attorney claims the reverend groped the man and bruce was only defending himself. he's free on bond. the priest was in a hospital and later released. >>> a lot of people are taking a second look at slugger sammy sosa. why he says his skin looks lighter these days. >> we're extremely proud of our military troops and want to honor them this veterans day especially in memory of our friend josh meadows who was fallen last month and just very proud to be a part of the marine corps and believe in what we're doing and fighting for america's freedom. thank you all. >> always faithful. of course on veterans day we salute all of the troops serving this country. parades under way across the nation. her
take an oath that you will defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. this is a cop out on her part. she's a yellow belly coward and she just went in thinking she would be sent to japan or korea or germany. >> let me stop you quick. she said her mother -- she would have been comfortable serving if her mother was taking care of her child. that's what fell through. you're not buying that? >> no. that's an excuse. >> thank you for letting me stop threw to ask a question. i appreciate it. another caller. lori is calling from wisconsin. lori, you do have sympathy for her situation. >> reporter: yes, i do, actually. i'm a big believer in our military program. there's a humanity side to this. we're talking about a baby and family and something that america was built on. i think that it's very important that we keep in mind that this is not a situation where she can't be sent and who would like her over there holding a gun possibly, who knows what position she could be in, thinking about and worrying about her family back here. this child is a pos
. we're not sure if the soldiers are from the united states, nato saying here they disappeared on a routine resupply mission in the western part of the country. those are some of the stories we're following on this friday. hope you're having a good weekend. now back to our breaking story. >>> the news out of fort hood, new details every hour about the shooting that killed 13 people and injured 30. david mattingly live at fort hood. those numbers, david, it seems almost difficult for one person to cause so much damage. >> reporter: well, if you look at the situation, it's almost remarkable to think there wasn't more damage caused. the shooting went on for about ten minutes we're told. it was in a room with about 400 people inside it. no one in there was armed until the police -- two policemen arrived on the scene. that was three minutes after the first emergency call went. so that gunman was in there with two hand guns, one of them a semiautomatic, firing off rounds throughout this crowd for about ten minutes and the death toll ended up being 13 people. we finally have one name.
be no solution to this challenge without efforts of both china and the united states. that's why we agreed to a series of important new initiatives in this area as president who indicain indicated we have achieved agreements on renewable energy, cleaner uses of coal, electric vehicles and gas. >> president obama encouraged china to resume talks with the dalai lama's representatives. china's crackdown on tibet and other human rights issues have been a thorn in the side for years. >>> you'll hear how 2-year-old girls are doing after 25 hours of surgery. >>> former alaska governor sarah palin's book "going rogue" goes on sale today and the author continues to make tv appearances to promote it. today it is "good morning america" where she told barbara walters that a run for president isn't on her radar but she didn't rule out making the race in 2012. she talked about tensions with senator mccain's campaign and problems with his staff. >> to many you are a possible presidential candidate. steve schmidt, mccain's campaign senior adviser has said publicly and i quote "she would not be a winning c
a psychological lift. by becoming president of the united states he's gotten rid of the stereotype that black people can't run the country and that black people can't rise to the highest positions in the land. >> he still believes the country has a long way to go when it comes to educating our kids and the rest of richelle's interview with him comes up at 4:00 eastern time today. >>> pop star rihanna speaking out for the first time since being battered by her former boyfriend singer chris brown last february. during an abc interview she said she's embarrassed for falling in love with someone so dangerous. >> i fell in love that person. that's embarrassing. that's embarrassing that that's the type of person that i fell in love with. >> brown pleaded guilty to plea assaulting his former girlfriend. he was sentenced to five years of supervised probation and six months of community labor. >>> clark howard straps on a uniform once in a while. he serves in the georgia national guard. this weekend, you'll see him serving the troops. clark and robin meade teamed up to help soldiers save more, spend l
. this is a call to action. the humane society of the united states is promoting legislation that would prohibit interstate commerce of primates. it's already passed the house. you can help. by passing the captive primate safety act. call your u.s. senators and tell them to pass this act. you know, when it comes to primate exploitation, jack, i always say follow the money. >> right. the primate exploitation has gone down a great deal in the last ten years but you're correct saying this woman who owned the chimp, there's no doubt obviously she thought the chimp was probably hers. as the attorney just said, you don't want this to go to court. my action with the lion was settled and i live with that every day of my life and i was in the business. but going back to the chimpanzee, again, it's a complicated creature and one that as you said, should not be -- however, in this bill, zoological parks, we do a tremendous job in the research and breeding of these magnificent creatures. i don't want that bill to affect what we do in accredited zoos throughout the country. >> we agree to disagree. i agree
traditional. we're going to hear from a few speakers including the president of the united states as well as the army chaplain here at ft. hood. some versus from the bible will also be read. and as is customary when something, whenever a soldier falls, we'll hear a 21-gun salute and a roll call reading the names of the deceased. we understand many of the victim whose survived the attack will also be here today as well as families of the victims t s whod and many in the ft. hood community and the killeen. this is open to the public. you can tell from behind me, these are temporary storage containers put up around the field. it is usually open space, to secure it bp because security is a high priority right now, as can you imagine, and the president and other high-level officials and lawmakers are probably entering right about now, or soon, because the memorial is just a little over an hour away. >> as i understand it, the suspect in this case is still hospitalized. do we know what his situation is, not just on that front but from a legal perspective as well? >> reporter: christi, he surviv
and service to your country. >> hi, robin. this is marion. i'm saluting my son. he's a corporal in the united states marine corps. we're so proud of you. we miss you so much during your deployment and can't wait for you to return home soon. god bless you, greg. you're such a role model for your younger brother, sister and all your cousins. we're so grateful for all your sacrifices. we miss your practical jokes and your laughing and your bear hugs. be safe and hurry home to us. >> greg made corporal only a month ago so congratulations to him. back to you. >>> a fetish may help michael jackson's reputation. we will take a look at head-spinning new claims about his habits. >>> plus a beautiful young woman tortured for 13 hours on halloween night. you're going to hear from this sick monster on camera. >>> disturbing details and i mean disturbing, behind the michael jackson molestation charges. michael's friend and former dermatologist drops a bombshell. he says the pop star never touched children, but you won't believe what he says did happen. let's rewind a little bit. 1993, a boy accuses michae
the president of the united states took office. congressman -- >> tell all of that to the millions of americans who no longer have jobs. >> now, that's geithner's side, right, that confidence is back and that the financial markets and the economy didn't collapse. it's also kind of wall street's side, too, the treasury's side, even the white house's side, but not necessarily the feeling of that other lawmaker and millions of americans. again, geithner is saying that they hope to close out that program as soon as possible. >>> it's get to go be around that time of year when you have that meeting with your boss, you talk about your performance through the year and your pay. they tell you if you're going to get a raise for the next year, how many it might be. well, this year you might get a little raise. that's some good news in a bad economy. by the way, don't forget to toot your home. that's the time to do it. last year, the average raise 1.8%. companies are interested in spending more this year. the average raise will be 275%. last year all the headlines were about pay cuts, job cuts, companies
that i think within years the constitution of the united states will be changed to allow marriage between any person who loves one another. >> okay, tavis, thank you for calling in. we appreciate it. we still want to know what you think about this. e-mail us at or send us a text at hln tv. >>> katrina, the most catastrophic natural disaster but the judge says the storm alone isn't responsible for the damage. that means someone could pay big bucks. >>> the federal government could be facing billions of dollars in losses over hurricane katrina because a judge ruled negligence by army corps of engineers led to the devastating flooding in 2005. yesterday a federal judge sided with six residents and one business said it didn't properly ling shipping channels in the gulf of mexico. >> today the people of the city of new orleans are vindicated because they cannot hide behind an immunity. it's time for the people of this community to be compensated. the larger message here is this corps is not the same corps that built the panama canal. >> the judge didn't award one couple damages but the
to the united states. >>> investigators were finished searching the home of a man in cleveland. he's charged with five counts of aggravated murder. they haven't found any more bodies. ten corpses and a human skull have been found at that property and recovered. the victims were all women and were apparently strangled. the lawyer for defendant anthony sowell met with prosecutors and a cleveland judge this morning. they discussed separate rape charges against sowell stemming from an alleged attack on a woman in his home in september. a hearing for that case is set for december 2nd. >>> the federal government could face billions of dollars in lawsuits over hurricane katrina. that's after a judge ruled that negligence by the army corps of engineers led to the devastating flooding in 2005. yesterday, a federal judge said the corps did not properly maintain the shipping channel linking new orleans to the gulf of mexico. people in new orleans recognize the importance of this ruling. >> it's a major, major win, a vindication for st. bernard parish and our residents and so many of the people who, for
on your screen, he served time in the military and i did confirm this with the united states marine corps. he served from july of 1977 and he was released in january of 1985. this is someone who served our country, someone who is a convicted sex offender, someone who spent 15 years behind bars for a rape. >> we will take a quick break. more from our experts and we'll take your calls. ten bodies found in the home of a convicted rapist. stay with us. >>> welcome back to "prime news" on hln. ten bodies found in the home of convicted rapist anthony sowell. a skull was found in the basement. there could be 11. the search continues meaning there could be more. we have our experts standing by. nicole debord, former sex crimes prosecutor, so many so angry when we hear the story of a man convicted of a brutal rain in 1989, served his 15 years, how is he not monitored to the point where this could be prevented because we are talking about a serial killer. >> absolutely. the best thing states could do is follow up on the sex offender registration. it sounds like they were. it is baffling to me how y
for commercial sexual exploitation in the united states. that's according to the department of justice. the average predator can reportedly make over 200 grand a year off of one girl. doctor dale, we think of sex trafficking as something involving these international crime syndicates, tens of thousands of girls to the u.s. and then hold them as sex slaves. that's true. but there is also a huge crisis with the home-grown selling of children for sex. google it. because that's what i did today. you will see an astounding number of stories all across the country. >> and i'm so glad you're bringing it up, jane, because you're absolutely right. and the average american has no idea that this is not just an international problem. this happens in america every single day. and i will say that when we analyze the mother's motives here, three things are possible. one, pure greed. two, she had a psychotic condition. and three, and by far the most likely, is that she was a drug addict. and i will disagree with mark on this. i will say that addiction can be so over powering due to the brain chemical
a vicious crime. get this, in the united states right now, there are about 2,500 teenagers, 2,500 teens, doing life without parole. almost all for murder. only 111 teens are serving life without parole sentences for nonmurder. and where are most of those teens? bradford cohen, most of them are in florida. florida has been called the toughest state on teens. >> it doesn't shock me. >> these teens in this florida case are dealing with that possibility of a very, very long sentence. could these teens get life? and would that be unconstitutional? >> no. they're being charged with second-degree attempted murder. so they're looking at 15 years a piece. but really, the adult system is not set up appropriately to deal with teens. it really should stay in juvenile court. and the reason for that is because juvenile court is set up just for that. to deal with individuals that are not emotionally attached, that are not emotionally prepared to move onto a felony-type crime in adult court. these teens should had been charged in juvenile court. i feel it should have stayed in juvenile court. now the o
to meet him at the bus stop. she was confused. everything united states cleared up once passengers were allowed out of the bus. the driver has been behind the wheel for six years. >>> a man, think about this, walks into his own funeral, people. shocked relatives tried to jump out of the funeral home's windows after seeing the man alive. can you really just wrap your mind around this? happened in brazil on the holiday known as the day of the dead. family members and friends mistakenly identified a body from a car crash, that's how this happened. the man says he spent the night drinking at a bar near the crash site. later, he didn't realize what was going on, later the body was correctly identified as another man from another town. >>> people caught with child pornography on their computers claim they aren't the ones who put there t. there. many say it was a computer virus. sometimes that right. an a.p. investigation has determined there are viruss that download child porn on to computers without the owners ever knowing it, some distributed by real pedestrian toe guiles who use the corrup
-american was elected president of the united states. all week long in our what matters partnership with essence magazine, we're taking a special look at life for black men since president obama took office. does having a black president really affect their day-to-day lives? this week i sit down with some prominent male leaders in the african-american community and pose that question. today meet dr. boyce watkins, professor at syracuse university, and we're going to ask him whether he thinks life has changed for black men in the last year. >> many black men were inspired by barack obama's achievement. in some ways, though, life became more difficult because with the election of president obama, a lot of people began to think we live in this post-racial america. that's a little bit silly. that's almost as silly as saying we had a post-racial america in 1937 when joel lewis became the heavyweight champion of the world. the truth of the matter is there's always been space for the magic black man or the chosen one, even when the rest of us still sort of have to muddle along and struggle along. so in
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